YAMAHA DTX 2.0 Módulo batería Electrónica

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      Módulo de bateria electrónica con la excelente síntesis de modulación Yamaha. vendo por tener dos iguales. como nuevo perfecto estado.

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      DTX electronic percussion system provided players with the most practical electronic percussion systems to date. Articulate buzz rolls, rim shots and cymbal chokes are performed as easily as on acoustic drums. Now, version 2.0 offers players more sounds, more power, and more playability than before. New pads like the PCY10 Cymbal Bell Pad, KP80S Kick Pad, and the BP80 Bar Pad provide greater access to sounds and techniques. Playing the cymbal bell, double-bass, and percussion are now all possible with the DTX’s extended capabilities. Delve into the DTX’s advanced functions and vast sonic palette and your imagination will be running wild in no time. With up to five notes layered on a single surface, you can play stacks of notes or alternating patterns. Trigger keyboard sounds from the pads. Sharpen your skills with the on-board training functions, and more. As an interactive electronic drumsystem, the DTX sets new standards for modern drumming. In addition to the 880 drum/percussion voices and effects, and 128 GM (General MIDI) compatible keyboard sounds, the DTX is equipped with 48 bass, brass and strings, and mallet voices. A total of 1056 on-board voices produced with Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM2) technology. An on-board 5-track sequencer lets you record MIDI data from the DTX system and external MIDI keyboards. Comprehensive capabilities and excellent voices makes the DTX system perfect for studio use or live performance. The system can be used alone or in addition to acoustic drums. Whatever your skill level may be, the DTX system is the one system that fills the needs and requirements of every drummer.

      (1) Display

      The large liquid crystal display (LCD) shows a wealth of data in a format that is both easy to see and understand. A large, double digit LED display, keeps you informed of the current drum kit number at a glance. (2)Transport Buttons Large transport buttons on the front panel provide quick and easy access to playback, record, and other sequencer functions. The remaining buttons are clearly labeled for easy access to common functions. Now programming is easy!

      Front Panel

      (3)4 Sliders The basic function of the 4 sliders is for master, aux in, accompaniment and click volume controls. They can also be assigned to control four individual drum output levels, giving you more control over the DTX’s sound balance in live situations.

      (4)Data Scroll Wheel – Selecting your desired setting is quick and easy with the Data Scroll Wheel. Practice Mode Direct +Shift button ACCOMP SNARE CLICK KICK Live Mode Direct +Shift button SNARECYMBAL KICKMISC.

      (1)Input/Output – The DTX’s 10 input, 4 output interface provides enough capacity for complex pad setups. Eight of the inputs are dual trigger type. Stereo L/R and two auxiliary outputs offer extended output processing capabilities. A stereo AUX input allows an external sound source to be mixed with the DTX’s drum sound.

      (2)MIDI In/Out – Full MIDI compatibility provides easy connection to any MIDI studio and allows for future system expansion. You can trigger external tone generators or record from an external keyboard into the on-board sequencer. A Versatile and Responsive Drum Trigger System Drum Kit Play Mode Version 2.0 supplies you with 928 voices covering a wide range of musical styles. Those voices are set up in 61 preset kits. With such a wide range of possibilities at your fingertips it is easy to achieve the sound and set-up you want.

      Voice Edit Mode

      Create your own sounds using the easy modify function, or by changing pitch, or by adding reverb effects to voices. They can be saved to memory and stored in your own customized kits.

      Chain Mode

      Specific kits or patterns can be recalled in a defined order during performance. A total of 16 chains can be saved and recalled at the touch of a button or the strike of a pad.

      Trigger Edit Mode

      Create original set-ups by saving settings for velocity, sensitivity, and volume levels in user kit memory. You can also assign up to 5 MIDI notes to individual pads to be played back in a variety of ways. Pads can also be used as switches to start or stop playback.

      [Auto Set]

      A single pad’s input level and MIDI velocity is graphically displayed on the LCD. Strike the pad and optimum gain values are set.

      [Pad Gain]

      Use the graphic display as a reference to manually adjust the gain of individual pads in precise increments.

      [Stack Mode]

      The 5 assigned MIDI notes are triggered simultaneously as a chord. Drum voices, layered percussion, orchestra hits, or full chords are all possible.

      [Alternate Mode]

      The assigned notes are played back one per each stroke on the pad. You can create and play melodic phrases from the same pad.

      A Powerful and Flexible Sequencer

      Pattern Play Mode

      The DTX’s 660 preset patterns and 100 user patterns provide complete rhythm, bass and chord parts that are arranged into sections such as intro, main, fill in, ending, etc. You can also record your own original patterns for use in compositions or as a teaching or practice aid. Independent pattern parts can be muted or soloed, and with independent click track control, you can practice triplets and other poly-rhythms easier than ever before.

      Song Play Mode

      Choose from 100 preset songs or 100 user songs and jam away. Each track can be muted or soloed just as in the pattern mode. Songs are easy to record and playback, so you can get your ideas recorded and see how they sound quickly. The DTX is also General MIDI compatible. GM data can be accessed by connecting the DTX to a computer or external sequencers.

      [Groove Check]

      If you want to improve your timing, Groove Check is the perfect training aid. Select a pad to play in the Single mode, and see just how accurate your timing is on that particular pad. The Average mode will give you an overall score on your accuracy over the entire kit.

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