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      Modulo Sound Canvas 7 de Roland.
      Es un módulo GM que se puede conectar a cualquier ordenador por puerto serie. Tambien se puede utilizar desde un controlador midi cualquiera o por puerto midi del ordenador.
      Esta versatilidad permite usarlo con ordenadores portatiles «antiguos» y organizarte un estydio con poco presupuesto.
      Incluyo fuente de alimentación instrucciones.
      70 EUR
      Esta en Valencia
      Adjunto comentarios y especificaciones

      SC-7 Output Channels 2
      Output Rate/Resolution 16-bit @ 44.1KHz
      Digital Input None
      MIDI Synth WaveTable synth, GM Patches (128) in ROM. 6 Drum kits. 24 voice polyphony. 16-Part multi-timbral, with the option to set Parts to any channels or disable Parts.
      Sound ROM Size No information
      Custom Sample Upload None
      Effects Digital reverb/delay. Chorus.
      Connections COM port, MIDI In/Out, stereo line outs (RCA jacks),
      headphone (mini),
      stereo line inputs (mini),
      AC power (uses a wall-wart).
      Controls Volume knob.
      System Req. Attaches to computer’s serial port.
      Driver Support Windows 3.x., Windows 95/98 (if you use the Roland Win95/98 serial driver available on Roland’s web site).
      Compatibility Windows Drivers.
      Street Price (U.S.) $207

      The SC-7 is essentially the SCC-1’s MIDI Synth (first 128 patches only, like the SCD-10) in an external box that attaches to the computer’s serial port. (It can attach to both the IBM and Mac serial ports, and instructions are given on using the SC-7 with either. This is a cheap way for Mac owners to get a nice, low cost Roland GM sound module). As such, it sports the much-acclaimed Roland Sound Canvas waveform set as found in cards like the SCC-1, SCD-10, SCD-15, and RAP-10 (but not the newer Sound Canvasses such as the SC-88, which have newer waveform sets and improved playback circuitry). The SC-7 does not support replacing any of its GM waveforms, nor does it record/play digital audio.

      See the RAP-10 description for remarks about the SC-7’s MIDI Synth engine. It’s the same as the RAP-10’s, so all RAP-10 remarks (except as concern digital audio tracks) are pertinent (ie, its effects and support for MIDI messages is the same).

      The SC-7 is a complete, standalone unit. It can be used without the computer. It has its own power supply and case. An external keyboard (or other MIDI controller) can be plugged directly into the SC-7 MIDI In to play it as a 16-Part multi-timbral module.

      The SC-7 ships with a Windows MCI driver, It can be used with pro sequencers such as CakeWalk.

      Furthermore, because the SC-7 offers MIDI In and Out jacks to which you can attach even more MIDI gear, it becomes a MIDI interface between your computer and all other external gear. This makes the SC-7 nice for laptop use since it allows connecting external MIDI gear via a clone or Mac serial port, is a 16-part multi-timbral unit also, and can even be used without the computer. It’s very small, light, and therefore portable

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