Vendo ART Tube Channel. Canal de grabación/Previo de micro a válvulas

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      ART Tube Channel. Previo, compresor y ecualizador paramétrico. El previo y el ecualizador están diseñados usando vávulas y el compresor fotoóptico.

      Está sin usar con su embalaje original y manual de instrucciones. Madrid

      350 €.

      contacto: Juan. 639116127

      ART Tube Channel Processor / Mic Preamp

      The Tube Channel is a tube preamp, compressor, and equalizer rolled up into a single unit. All three of these processors together make up a «Channel» and hence the name. All three processors are designed using tubes except for the optical compressor that uses photovoltic optics.

      The Tube Channel’s preamp has over +60dB of gain and provides (+48) volts phantom power as well as a -20dB pad for toning down those hot signals. There are input and output level gain controls. With the ART LED array you can see how the unit is responding using the gain reduction, input, and output. The compressor is designed around the ART PRO VLA optical compressor and it features compression and limiting presets as well as threshold and release, and output controls for fine tuning the compressor.

      The 4-band parametric EQ section has selectable low and high shelving filters as well as two mid band frequency controls that are sweepable from 20Hz to 20 kHz. Both of the midrange bands overlap in the range of 200Hz to 2 kHz which allows for more flexibility in those bands. With the Insert Points that are found between each process you can insert another effect or your own preamp, compressor, or EQ. The ART Tube Channel makes it real easy to do. You can also re-arrange the order of the Tube Channels processors using these insert points, ie. the EQ before the compressor.


      Three Tube Based Processors in one unit
      Tube Preamplifier
      ptical Compressor
      Tube Parametric EQ
      For Use With Any Digital or Analog Recording Studio
      Smooth, Silky, and Transparent Sound Quality
      Detented Rotary Controls
      VU Level Metering
      Tube Character and Gain Reduction LED Arrays
      Hand-Selected 12AX7A Tubes
      Full 20Hz to 20kHz Sweep with Two Mid-Frequency Filter Bands
      Internal Power Supply
      XLR and 1/4” Input and Output Connectors
      1/4” Insert Points Between Preamp and Compressor, and Compressor and EQ
      Custom Aircraft-Quality Extruded Aluminum Chassis

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