Ayuda! duda entre NOVATION X-Station o Xiosynth

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      Hola a todos.
      Quisiera que me ayudarais a resolver esta duda pues no se cual seria la mejor eleccion,entre ambos modelos por sus caracteristicas,pues creo que cada uno es diferente y esa es la duda que tengo pues no se cual elegir.

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      La mejor elección siempre depende de las necesidades de cada uno! La verdad es que ambos tienen muy buena pinta. X-Station tiene mejores características como interface de audio y parece que más controladores físicos. Ahí van las especificaciones, a ver si se aclaran dudas:


      One part, 8-voice polyphonic
      3 Oscillators, 17 Waveforms
      2 LFOs, 32 Waveforms
      Multimode resonant filter section with various filter options
      Extensive modulation capabilities
      Arpeggiator with latch
      X-GATOR with latch
      Direct streaming of synth into computer via USB

      Keys: 25 or 49
      Type: Semi-weighted
      Velocity curves: 7

      Pitch and mod wheel mechanism
      Pitch wheel lever: Rubberised – centre return spring loaded left to right motion
      Mod/control lever: Rubberised – spring loaded front to back motion

      X/Y touchpad
      Touchpad: 1 x touch sensitive 45x60mm
      Parameters: 2 assignable in X direction
      2 assignable in Y direction

      LCD display
      LCD: 2 x 16 character silver
      Blue LED backlit

      MIDI interfacing
      MIDI: 1 MIDI Out
      USB MIDI: 1 In/1 Out

      Audio Interfacing
      Inputs: 1 XLR (with phantom power)
      1 TS Jack
      Outputs: 2 TS Jack (L/R)
      1 stereo Headphones Jack

      Other interfacing
      Data ports: 1 x USB 1.1
      Sustain pedal: 1 x 1/4” Jack Input

      Rotary potentiometers: 11, 0-270° rotation
      Rotary encoders: 1, 360° continuous DATA wheel
      Buttons: 11 function switches
      Group B switch
      General operation: 4 Mode and Menu select buttons
      Keyboard Octave Up and Down buttons
      Synth Menus/Audio mode select button
      Effect Select buttons (Synth Mode)
      Template/Bank/Page Up/Down buttons
      Line/Phones Volume pots

      Battery operation: 6 x standard ‘AA’ Size
      External power supply: Standard ‘centre positive’ 9V DC 600mA (Novation PSU6)
      Size (25): 468 x 68 x 190 (mm) w x h x d
      Size (49): 798 x 68 x 190 (mm) w x h x d
      Weight (25/49): 1.4/1.6kg

      System requirements
      Operating system: Mac OSX 10.2.4 or greater or Windows XP
      Computer spec: Apple G3/400 GHz or Pentium 600 MHz or better
      Interfacing: USB 1.1 compatible USB connector

      Templates (16 preset onboard, more available on Novation website)
      1. Apple – Logic 7
      2. Steinberg – Cubase SX3
      3. Ableton – Live 5
      4. Cakewalk – Sonar
      5. Native Instruments – Absynth 3
      6. Native Instruments – B4
      7. Native Instruments – FM7
      8. Native Instruments – Pro53
      9. Gmedia – Oddity
      10. Novation V-Station
      11. Novation Bass Station
      12. reFX – Vanguard
      13. Linplug – Albino 2
      14. Gmedia – Minimonsta
      15. Spectrasonics – Atmosphere & Trilogy
      16. User Template


      Keyboard Mechanism
      Keys: 25, 49 or 61
      Type: Semi-weighted
      Aftertouch: Yes

      Pitch and Mod Wheel Mechanism
      Pitch wheel lever: Rubberised – spring loaded, centre return left to right motion
      Mod/control lever: Rubberised – spring loaded, front to back motion or free running forward and backwards

      X/Y Touchpad
      Touchpad: Pressure sensitive
      Parameters: 2 assignable in X direction; 2 assignable in Y direction

      LCD Display
      LCD: 2 x 16 character silver. Blue LED backlit

      Audio inputs: 2 x combined 1/4” jack / XLR sockets
      Phantom power: On/Off 48 Volts
      Gain control: -60dB – +10dB signal range
      A to D converters: 2 x 24 bit Delta Sigma
      Audio outputs: 2 x 1/4” jack sockets
      Digital output: S/PDIF – phono

      MIDI and Audio Interfacing
      MIDI ports: 1 x MIDI In; 2 x MIDI Out
      USB: 1x combined MIDI and audio I/O

      Effects Processors
      Effects: 2 x multi-effects processors
      Type: Delay/Reverb/Chorus-Phaser/Compressor/Distortion/EQ (Bass-Mid-Treble)

      Rotary potentiometers: 20 – rotation 0 to 270 degrees
      Rotary encoders: 4 – rotation 360 degrees continuous
      Sliders: 9 – 30mm length
      Transport controls: Rewind/Fast Forward/Stop/Start/Record
      General Operation: Play/Template Common/Template Edit/Write/Global/Snapshot/Panic
      Cursor/page control: Bank – page up/down; Program – cursor up/down; Inst Channel – cursor left/right
      Keyboard control: Octave up/down

      Synth Architecture
      Voices: 8
      Modes: Program (monotimbral)
      Memories: 200 memory locations programmed with the KS factory presets

      Synth Oscillators 1, 2 and 3
      Waveforms: Square/Saw/Variable Pulse/Tri/Sine/Double Saw/Double Tri/Double Sine/9 complex cycle waveforms
      Noise Sources: White/Crack/Metal 1/Metal 2
      Octave Range: Shift -1/0/+1/+2
      Mod Env Depth: -64 to +63
      LFO1 Depth: -64 to +63
      PWM Source: Mod Env/Manual/LFO2
      Ring Mod: 1 * 2
      FM: 2 * 3
      2 * 3 FM Level: 0-127
      2 * 3 FM Mod Level: 0-127
      FM Env Attack Rate: 250uS-20S
      FM Env Decay Rate: 1mS-20S
      Comprehensive aftertouch, breath and pitch/mod wheel control of both static pitch and modulation of pitch

      Synth Mixer
      Osc 1 Static Level: 0-127
      Osc 1 Mod Level/LFO1: -64 to +63
      Osc 1 Mod Level/LFO2: -64 to +63
      Osc 2 Static Level: 0-127
      Osc 2 Mod Level/LFO2: -64 to +63
      Osc 3 Static Level: 0-127
      Osc 3 Mod Level/AD Env: -64 to +63
      Noise Static Level: 0-127
      Noise Mod Level/LFO1: -64 to +63
      FM Static Level: 0-127
      FM Mod Level/AD Env: -64 to +63

      Synth Filters
      Frequency: 0-127
      Slope: 12dB/24dB
      Modes: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass
      Resonance: 0 to self-oscillation (24dB mode)
      Mod Env Depth: -64 to +63
      LFO 2 Depth: -64 to +63
      Keyboard Tracking: 0-127
      Velocity: 0-127
      Overdrive: 0-127
      Q normalise: 0-127
      Comprehensive aftertouch, breath and pitch/mod wheel control of both static filter freq and modulation of filter freq

      Synth Amplifier & Modulation Envelopes
      Velocity: -64 to +63
      Attack: 250uS-20S
      Decay: 1mS-20S
      Sustain: 0-127
      Release: 1mS-20S
      Delay (Mod Env): 1mS-20S

      Synth LFO1 – LFO2
      Modes: Cyclic/One-shot
      Waveforms: Sine/Tri/Saw/Squ/Sample & Hold/Sample & Hold/Quantize/Random 24 Intricate Wavetables
      Speed: 0 Hz-1kHz
      Delay Fade In: 0-5S

      Synth Effects
      Reverb: Level/Echo Chamber, Small Room, Large Room, Small Hall, Large Hall, Grand hall/Decay/Wheel Level
      Chorus – Phaser: Level/Rate/Type/Feedback/Mod Depth/Centre/Initial Position/Wheel Level
      Distortion: Drive/Compensation/Wheel Level
      Panning: Position/Mod Depth/Speed/Initial Position
      Delay: Depth/Time/Feedback/Stereo Width/Ratio/Wheel Level

      Battery operation: 6 x standard ‘C’ size 1.5 Volt dry cells or rechargeable cells
      External power supply: Standard ‘centre positive’ 9V DC 600mA (not supplied)
      Size: Width = 468mm; height = 68mm; depth = 278mm (25-key version)
      Size: Width = 798mm; height = 68mm; depth = 278mm (49-key version)
      Size: Width = 963mm; height = 68mm; depth = 278mm (61-key version)
      Weight: 2.5Kg (25-key version)

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